Visible from their balcony of their Halekulani hotel rooms, a stunning sunrise occurred over Diamond Head. After admiring the sunrise and the beginning to "forever," Kiana and Lloyd started to get ready for their big day. With the help from his groomsmen, Lloyd changed into his suit. He opened a gift carefully wrapped by his wife-to-be. Inside was a sweet little boudoir album, labeled, "for the groom's eyes only." As he flipped through the pages, Lloyd smiled. Meanwhile, in her suite, Kiana was zipped into her lace detailed fitted gown. Her round bouquet was full with roses and pink peonies. The couple walked downstairs to meet for their highly anticipated intimate first look. Before they saw each other, Kiana and Lloyd stood at the corner of a pillar looking away reading love notes to one another. After the laughter and the tears, Lloyd got positioned, Kiana tapped him on his shoulder, and he turned around to look at his beautiful bride. As the soon-to-be newlyweds smiled, hugged, and admired one another, photos were taken to capture this intimate moment. Kiana and Lloyd posed, giggled, and happily walked hand-in-hand to the famous Halekulani Hotel staircase. The couple and their guest enjoyed a sweet buddhist ceremony at the Hau Terrace with nothing but blue skies and a wooden arch draped in white. Their reception was elegantly simple, with chiavari chairs and pink and white accents. The newlyweds danced together for the first time as husband and wife. Little did Lloyd know, that his loving bride would surprise him with a beautiful hula dance. The couple celebrated their united love surrounded with the people they love. After the reception, Kiana and Lloyd took some bridal portraits during the sunset with Diamond Head in the background. It was nothing short of a magical moment!